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Developer of SFTPPlus, Est. 2001 in the UK.

Pro:Atria Ltd was established in 2001 as a specialist consultancy and distributor for enterprise software products. With a focus on multi-platform solutions, past activities have included distributing and supporting solutions for Proginet Corp, New York (acquired by Tibco in 2010). Their solutions included Secure File Transfer Proprietary protocols and FTP/SFTP, Identity Management and Provisioning.

Technical skills, together with listening to customer needs, have led to the development of the SFTPPlus range of products. We started with SFTPPlus Client in 2005, a solution for auditing and automation of SFTP, FTP and FTPS, file transfers, with high-quality, solid customer support and cost-effective pricing. Developed for a UK Insurance company who remains a customer to this day.

Pro:Atria is an Approved Partner of EDT, responsible for the Government Gateway, a mission critical ICT application for online government services.

Building long term relationships is a vital part of our philosophy. We offer ongoing maintenance & support contracts which include bug fixes and upgrades within the contract without additional charges.

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Services and Products

The nature of the needs of enterprises, as well as requirements for integration in total solutions, means that we are often called upon to offer consultancy and advice on the best way to achieve these objectives.

Pro:Atria will always offer that advice in order to develop long-term relationships and the most appropriate solutions.

When meetings are required, you will find Pro:Atria staff understand your needs and are prepared to do everything possible to work with you.

Typically, we offer initial consultancy free of charge in order to help develop the relationship and speed up early stages of planning. All charges will be agreed upon in advance, and any supplementary costs will only be charged after discussion and mutual agreement. Most customers can implement SFTPPlus without any consultancy charges.

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Automated regression testing

Covers all the supported platforms and functionalities.

32K+ Automated tests executed before each release.

Technical support and Maintenance

Support via phone, email and remote screen sharing.

Direct contact with the development team.

Free upgrades for both major and minor releases.

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Full support from our support team, including during the evaluation period.

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Meet the experts

Alison Adams

Alison Bennett

Director Account Manager

After working with us for more than a decade as account manager, Alison has switched gears to help our customers and the team as the director for the company.

Tim Adams

Sales Customer relations

Tim is the founder of the company. After serving as the director of the company for more than 10 years, he is now focused on business relations with our existing and new customers.

Adrian Roiban

Product Manager Spanish Support

With a passion for open source and open standard, Adrian is supervising all the technical aspects of our product development.

A Spain expat, he provides support to our Spanish speaking customers.

Dumitru Moldovan

Infrastructure Sysadmin

A senior system administrator and open source contributor, Dumitru is automating and supervising our development, testing and production infrastructure.

Dan Haiduc

Backend Devops

Taking an interest in code quality, Dan works on the foundation of our products, developing and reviewing new functionalities.

Cristina Marinescu

Frontend UI/UX

With an eye for detail, Cristina is helping us improve the usability, aesthetics and user experience of our products and services.

Laura Gheorghiu

Laura Gheorghiu

Quality Assurance

Testing and quality assurance expert, Laura is proofing our product for every edge case.

Her effort is focused on making sure we deliver a fully functional product that is released without regressions or defects.

Alexandra Osan

German Support Account Manager

Alexandra is working to make our products more accessible to German speaking customers by providing documentation and support.

Robi Net picture

Robi Net

Automation robot

A whole fleet of automation processes is helping the company in scaling and reaching more customers while minimizing the operation efforts and cost.

Laura Gheorghiu

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Pro:Atria Ltd

Developer of SFTPPlus

The Old Exchange
South Cadbury, YEOVIL
Somerset BA22 7ET
United Kingdom

Phone number

+44(0)1963 441311


Company & Product

  1. 2001
    Pro:Atria Ltd was established as a software distribution and consultancy company.
  2. 2002 February
    Established as UK reseller for TIBCO MFT software and post-sales support.
  3. 2004 January
    Own software development team was created to assist with customization and support.
  4. 2005 July
    SFTPPlus Client, own product, was created as a simple and cost-effective alternative to existing MFT software.
  5. 2006 April
    Created SFTPPlus Server, own product, with support for Windows, Linux and Unix (AIX, HPUX, Solaris)
  6. 2010 June
    SFTPPlus becomes Pro:Atria's sole product and development focus.
  7. 2013 April
    Web based administration and HTTP API for SFTPPlus was introduced.
  8. 2015 September
    SFTPPlus released as a single product with both client-side and server-side functionalities.
  9. 2020 May
    v4.0 of SFTPPlus released with support for multi-factor authentication and more managed file transfer features.
  10. 2020 September
    AS2 protocol was added. Drummond AS2 Certification process was started.
  11. 2021 March
    Integration for RabbitMQ AMQP as a continuation of our commitment to serverless or micro-services deployments.
  12. 2022 Ongoing
    Minor releases continue at regular intervals (around 4-6 weeks)